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Saturday, March 29, 2003

:) I just checked where my grad school application was on the canada post web site:

Item Number Entered: EE002 140 411 CA

Last Delivery Status
The item has entered the destination country.
Last CPC Location: IRELAND
Date / Time: 26 March 2003 19:45

Trace History
Date / Time Location Delivery Event Description
24 March 2003 13:04
The item has been received by CPC.

25 March 2003 13:06
The item was dispatched from Canada.

26 March 2003 19:45
The item has entered the destination country.

IT'S IN IRELAND!!!! Some one at UC Dublin has it in their hands right now, ok maybe not right now, because it is Saturday at 7pm in Dublin right now, and that would be just weird. But on monday when the non- weird staff head back to their offices, they will be holding it. I ask everyone out there, regardless of how you feel about me leaving you in September, please send positive energy . . . thanks:)
I found the best book today for only 50cents . . . It's called "Miss Pooky Peckinpaugh", the inside cover says MISS POOKY PECKINGPAUGH AND HER SECRET PRIVATE BOYFRIENDS COMPLETE WITH TELEPHONE NUMBERS!!! The book has a full page dedicated to a boy for each letter of the alphabet, her discription of the boy is done using only words starting that letter. the ype is from a typewriter and there are pencil sketches throughout the book
Heres an example:
INNY is an idiot
The idiot
and for INNY to imagine that I am interested in INNY is instant insanity . . . .
I had no idea that INNY was interested int eh idea that I was interested in INNY
If I have insinuated . . . or given the impressio that I am interested in INNY . . .
It is instant imagination and illusion . . . The idiot
I mean
for INNY to infer that I have th itsiest inkling of an interest in that irky individual . . is inconceivalble and instant insult . . . AND I would rather incarcerate myself indoors indefinitely . . . I AM . . . NOT INTERESTED . . .
Insofar as INNY is interested in insects . . . he like
IVY INGERSOLL . . . that instant itch . . .
does these idiotic imitations of ISABEL IBBING that iceberg
In any case
INNY has I.I. inscribed on his insteps in INDIA INK . . .
(I.I.)? . . . I hate incriptions . . .INSTANT INDULGENCE . . .
INNY is an idiot . . . I find him impossible . . .I LIKE him


212 619 . . . 9831
things can't get much weirder
this can't get much worse
don't know why you wouldn't kiss me
but it's a good thing i asked you first
~ani difranco
this is all I have to say for last night

as for tonight thought, I don't know if there is a god, but something somewhere sent these guys into the bar with us for entertainment value and to raise our self esteem. There is no way to desribe the evening to you at this time, except for Regan and my conversation about Bjork was interupted by a guy who wanted to get in to our pant and used a discussion about capitalism to get there. This discussion was continued by many of the guys at the table next to us. And finally a guy who was not hitting on us just had a nasty coke habit started talking to us about his anti-war stance. Both with him and with the other guys we had the best reponces and best statements that left them dumbfounded. I'm sure they are still talking about us now. The best part is they assumed that Regan and I were lesbian and we were together. When they asked us, our answer was "we don't identity as lesbians", which by the way is the same way we stomped on his rant earlier in the evenign when he assumed that we were socialists and I said "I don't identify as a socialist", it gets them every time. Anyways back to the lesbian question, what a way to fuck up a bunch of straight guys. I say that with disgression. They told us they identified as straight and that is why I say those words, but really with the level of homoerotism in that group, they could have made a porn!! I will have to fill the rest in at a later time. All I have to say now is that I love life and I love Regan. At some point there will be a Regan love poem section. There are already a few poems that must be added, including the cheesy one ;) Oh one more thing, so regan and I had been holding hand all night and been farley cuddly as we always are, yet the final words from one of our admirers was "do you girls support gay rights" We ran out of there say "fuck no we hate those gays, fuck those fags" giggling as we confused them once again.

Friday, March 28, 2003

This is the email I wrote to the arbor room
I recently found out that the veggie patties that you serve at the arbor room are made with beef broth. A great deal of vegetarians and vegans eat at your establishment, it is extremely important that the food is labeled appropriately. By havign them labeled as veggie patties you are misrepresenting them as vegetarian food when they are not. I know there are many vegetarians and vegans who feel strongly about this. We would appreciate it if this problem were addressed immediately.

Tobie Marven

Here is the responce email, oh yeah fight the power!

Your email came a a surprise to me. I phoned our patty supplier and it is the case that the patty crust uses animal fat, although there is no broth involved there. We'll stop buying the veggie patties and try to source out a supplier that has a vegan product.

I'm somewhat curious as to where your information came from, as our misunderstanding is due to using a small Scarborough bakery that does not label their product.

Your concern, of course is very important to us, as we do make the effort to have products available that address our students varied dietary needs, especially vegetarian and vegan.


So my source was wrong, but the product was still using animal products . . .either way soon the veggie patties will be good for carnie, veggies and vegans alike,
Tobie Marven wrote:

WOW- I just had a meeting with the Principle of New College, I was there to ask him to pay for the whole food security class to go to this fundraiser the Daily Bread food bank is having. Tickets are $100 each. Emily and I were discussing stratigy to convince him that it is importnant accedemicly that we go to this dinner. I had preped the secretary about what we were going to ask him, and was trying to be as professional as possible. So Emily and I walk in, before we even sat down the cute bumbling principel says "so your class has a table at the event, is there anything else I can do for you?"

Its amazing how much money the university has, the new college library doesnt even have a stampler but gettign a thousand dollars for dinner, is not a problem . . .
VEGAN RANT- Ok today like every thursday I went the arbor room after my AIDS class to chill before going to work. Sal works there and usually gets a break so we can hang out and the bonus, I get free food, umm free food . . . sadly it was busy and Salvo couldn't take a break. I sat there with $3 in my pocket and realized that does't get me far *elitest basterds* so I go up and grab 2 veggie jamacian patties. I was so hungry that I was eating it in line (actaully I always do that, nothing new) I thought to myself you know this might not be vegan. I was kinda ok with that, 'cause really this vegan thing is new to me and I get get it right all the time, but the look of disgust on Marikies face was extream. So I say , I guess these aren't vegan, she said NO, there not even vegetarian. Not even vegetarian, how does that make sence! These are the veggie patties. You have choice of beef or vegetable how can't these been vegetarian, all they have in them is vegetables. But as marike informs me, and I get confirmation later on, the pastery is made with beef broth, and actually these vegi patties are not vegitarian.
I can't hardly explain how weak I felt when I heard. I sat there in shock, I eat these all the time. I had been eatign beef broth for years of beign veggie. And honesty I don't know what scared me more that fact, or taht I contimplated if I should eat them. I always thought my veggie world was so strong, nothing coudl shake it, yet in that hungry moment I almost caved. Honestly I had one last bite, before throughing it away. I was like, will I will never have the chance to eat this again . . . . by the way I did email the manager and let her know that there are some angry vegetarian and vegans out there and we would appriciate it if she labled the food properly, since calling them veggie patties is misleading

On lighter news, my swimming lessons ended today and one of my swimmers gave me a $20 gift certificate for LCBO!!! They love me they really do . . ..

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Ok first of all you need to know that I love irony, and I embrace contraditions, here are the lyrics "Get off the Internet" by Le Tigre.

It feels so 80's
Or early 90's
To be political
Where are my friends?

(Get off the internet!)
I'll meet u in the street
(Get off the internet!)
Destroy the right wing
(Get off the internet!)
I'll meet u in the street
(Get off the internet!)
Destroy the right wing

This is repetitive
But nothing has changed
And I'm crazy
Where are my friends

(Get off the internet!)
I'll meet u in the street
(Get off the internet!)
Destroy the right wing
(Get off the internet!)
I'll meet u in the street
(Get off the internet!)
Destroy the right wing

Le Tigre are the best, if any of you have seen them perform you will know what I am talking about. They are feminist punks and NOW magazine said that "they party for their right to fight" such a great quote . . . this song just seemed so appropriate now, and really any time, so download it and many others, 'cause these girls rock!
The WeatherPixie
Today is my Italy day, so I thought I would Rome's weather as a 20's flapper chick!
This morning I was chatting with my roommates sexy Italian boyfriend, from our summer in Italy. When he asked me for my pic I relaized he thought I was a boy and he was hitting on me!! Sal explained to him in Italian his error and his reponce was "i tinked that you are a dude"!
The second Italian moment of my day was getting a refund from the Italain train company! Sal and I had taken a train from his boyfriends town to Rome to go to GAY VILLEGE!! it arrived in Termini 40 mins late. Sal beign the wiz kid that he is knew that if the train was more than 30 mins late you can get a refund. So the two of us got in line at the refund office, causing us to be even later, sorry guys ;) We laughed the whole time wondering if we would ever actually get the refund, since we were leaving the country in two days. We agreed if we did get it we would frame it and put it on the wall! So today 7 months later we recieved the refund!!! Oh yeah bay 9.35 euros . .. were in the money:)
For those who know, I have been taking a food security equity course this past semester. For those who don't know and are sitting there asking "what is food security?" I afraid I can't answer that! But what I can give you in the UN deffintion
Food security is the need for adiquete amounts of safe, nutrious, culturally approproate foods" It's the idea that food is a right. Makes sence right!
So our class of nine women and our male prof are colabertely working together to write this one paper. We are to write scenes, like a tv show. As Wayne says every week "show don't tell" . . . he is working with nine fourth year equity studies studens that have been brainwahed into accedemia and telling us "this isn't the way things work outside of this institution". Talk about distroying our nicely defined illusions. This process has been interesting forcing us to be creative. Luckly the men we are working with are making it easy to write these scenes, their mysogony is so blantent that we have much to work with. I will share more about this project, but for now I will give you two of the scene titles:
"It is not realism that will give you wrinkles; it is your utopian vision of reality that will cause those wrinkles to appear"
"We are the pimple on the ass of a very large elephant"
yes people these are direct quotes :)
I have just wasted the past few hours reading my friends blogs, which first makes me say "this is the exact reason I don't want a blog- too addictive and time consuming" Yet here I am writing random thoughts to random people. I was talking to steph (who has a blog) how this summer I'm turning off my computer and getting outside. I'm such a nautre grrl. I don't have a job yet for this summer but it will have to be outside I tell her. My theory is I have never worked a summer indoors so why start now. (except for the summer when I was 16 when I worked at a waiting pool and Baskin-Robbins. ahhhhhhhhhh Baskin Robbins . . . . . and really can you count chilling in a park all day with kids, then working with your best friend and soon to be boyfriend eating ice-cream all night working indoors) . Anyways so I told steph that I might do window washing this summer, but the moment she mentioned the libraries at UofT are hiring I sat right up and typed REALLY faster then I thought possible.

I wonder what is happening to outdoor chilln, nature lovin', dancin', laughn' tobie and who is this geek that took over her mind and body!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

SO I have entered the millions of blogs invading the web with random rants, this will be different then a regular blog, I don't want it to be a journal format, but rather a venue to post poems, essay and obsure thoughts, so maybe this isn't a blog at all, but right now it is easier then attempting to make a web site so here it is MY ANTI_BLOG