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Monday, November 20, 2006

wine tasting and mountain biking

After leaving BA, which I´m sure if I said nothing reddy would have stayed there the full two months, we heading to Mendoza. We were told it was sooo beautiful. I think these people need to check their vision checked. It was alright, kinda a plan boring town. On sundays like many small places the place shut down, but we did have the pleasure of witnessing a few scams in action. The first was when a bird shat on my bag (gross) but the moment it happened I was swarmed by people trying to take my bag to "clean" it. On one guy saying that the shit got on my back (which lucky it didn´t) and trying to grab my small bag in the distraction. Then while the hostels doors were open a bag went "missing". Then we say these three guys circling the park checking out the tourists. The surrounded us from a distance but I was on to them and they backed off. Then they went for this guy with a big camera. We went to warn the guy but he got away on his own. Then ten mins later I say one of the guys running down the road with a wallet.

After renting bikes and getting stuck in torential storms that had us walking through river like roads and stuck in bed for a day recovering we went on a bike and wine tour. Less pretencious then any wine tour I have heard of before, except they are trying with this really gourmet lunch that we opted out of and had a picnic on there tables with this german couple we had met. We eventually met this two irish girls who were a blast and giving out about the low levels of free drink just like us. It turned out that they were staying at our hostel so we drank wine all day and night and relaxed in the company of the a similar sence of humour.

The next day we headed to uspallata, this small town in a valley in the andes, it was where seven days in tibet was filmed. really beautiful with nothing to do. We had one great adventure day that made us realise how out of space we were. Here we are with city shoes and needed to take breaks all the time while th guide was never short of breath. We did a few hours of treking then rapelling and finished with mountain biking- deadly buzz all around. Its not that I lost my outdoorness, it just takes me a while to get into it. After the repell I was all gitty and wanted to go again. The next day we rented mountain bikes and biked around the dusty roads on our own, running out of breath and blaming it on the high altitude and dust.


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