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Saturday, July 10, 2004

back on line and ready to go!! It has seriously been way too long, as you can imagine I have gone through withdrawl since as you all know I have a serious addiction to the internet! So I'm back on T.O and lovin'it (not in the McD's kinda way but it the refreshing that I'm home kinda way).

The past few weeks were interesting and grammed packed with adventures, its really nice to be able to just chill. Padio parties, free street parties and all that kinda jazz. Plus having my cat again, ahh she remembers me and even though my mom says she has been sleeping outside just after two nights here she has transitioned to sleep with me again!

so what of the past few weeks has stuck with me . . . humm . . . well there was this strange social art project in amsterdam airpost which I was fasinated with. Between the stairs and escalators that go between the train station and the check in departure section there was this suspended electronic pillar. The pillar flashed sayings, messages and words of wisdom. I have not been able to find out who put it up and the reason behind it. The way the words flew down the pillar and were flashing it was like you would only see them on a subconsious level. I stood and watched people go up and down the escalor and not look towards it at all. Actually I was the only one during while I was there that seemed to notice this board. It felt like brave new world or some futuristic film where the "controler' sent the same messages over and over again until they collectively become the social consciousness of the society.

I wrote down as many as I could in the few mins I stood there. I couldn't get lots of them since they were moving too fast and the flashing made it hard to read them. Here are a few:

eating too much is criminal
dieing should be as easy as falling off a log
weapons are as useful as intellectual responsibilty
ensure that your life stays in flux
monogamy breads contemptment
class structures are as artifical as plasitic
confusing yourself is a way of staying honest
change is the basis of all history
after dark it is a relief to see a girl walking towards or behind you
by your responces to danger it is easy to see how you have lived and what has been done to you
exceptional people desire special consessions
expressing anger is nessissary
faithfulness is a social not biological law
fathers often use too much force
freedom is a luxery not a nessessity
go all out in romance adn let the chips fall as they may
good deeds eventually are rewarded
grassroots agitation is the only hope
hiding your emotions is dispicable
humanism is obsolete
ideals are replaced by conventional goals at a certain age

I would like to find out who put this up and why it is there . . . it seems to be an art project reflecting on our society and using the same methods of adertising that is common in western countries. Using the stratagy of flashing messages at busy intersections that you see used in time square and copied all over the western world it is possible to get your message out, and sell your idea to as many people as possible with out them having the choice at weather or not to consume your add. The thing with this it is not a selling a product just the artists reflection on our society.