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Thursday, May 06, 2004

This is patch, he's the kitty that clare and I are getting. his lack of eye and hairlip doesn't stop him from looking super cute or hating you for that mater!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

this post is dedicated to regan, it is regan actually wrote it . . .It's a letter she wrote to A&P after finding a bug in her can of beans . . .

here i am preparing dinner on a fine tuesday afternoon. I
open a can of equality wax beans, pour it into the pot and start cooking. I
look into the pot and think to myself "hey look, a red chili pepper somehow
got in there." Well, when i pulled it out, to my surprise is wasn't a chili
pepper at all, but part of a LARGE red insect casing with one full wing and
one ripped wing and a missing lower abdomen. Fortunately, i caught it
before serving. I wouldn't want my dinner guests to have such a scrumptious
delicacy on my bill.
but seriously... i did get a large red insect casing in my beans and it
really made me lose my appetite and lose faith in your brands. what's
equality without the quality? A big stinking E, that's what. I guess it
stands for ewwww...

she is expecting coupons

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

mayday mayhem . . . ok, so right now I should be working on my take home essay, but alas, my mind in terribly distracted.

There is this past weekend - critical mass and its slow biking, (no sleep) may day that included a walk comparable to the mad adventure I went on with regan last year around this time. and doing first aid for all the protestors that suffered at the hands gardai and there batons. (no sleep) then hiking and camping, -yes we are mad after a day like mayday you would think we would just chill in a park but no we take a bus out of town - go on an hour hike and camp. have a great time but come compleately unprepared so freeze all night and again no sleep.

brother- who moved to london yesterday. don't know when he arrived . . . but I will be seeing him in less then a week!!

traveling - I booked my ticket to vienna today, I will be there for three weeks. I will be there for lady fest and for marike born in flames fest. I am also looking into going to amsterdam for a week in july for this conference.

home- I have decided that I'm coming home for a few months in the summer. I will be home on the 8th of July . . .

silk screening - I bought this kit which arrived today, when I was ordering it I couldn't decide if I was going to give it to james or keep it myself. I figure that either way we would have fun making stuff together. And even though I will probably keep it, I will leave it with him when I come home for the summer.

these are a few of the things that are distracting me, there would be more if I had remembered to take all the anarchist mags that a friend gave to me home, but they are at james which is not good for his studying!