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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

today I bought the lonely planets guide to London, I'm heading there on Friday, it doesn't really seem real yet . . . I tried to understand the maps, but the city is so huge, I don't know how one can ever learn that city. The number of routes and stops on the underground is mind boggling. I have never entered a city with the assumption that I will get lost, I try to have a keen sence of direction and understanding of maps. But this is just rediculous . . .I know from the outset that I will be lost most of the time!!

I bought today my ticket to Paris for the European Social Forum which is a double bubble amount of excitment. Being is such a wonderful active progressive space will keep me entertianed entergized and motiviated for weeks before and months following. This forum could have been held in the smallest of places, the dirties of palces, the ugliest of places and I would have been thrilled to go. But the this is, its being held in PARIS!!! I don't have a place to stay yet, but I'm sure that will work itself out.

I'm actually devestatingly tired, and not much in the mood for writing, but I had to blurt that out . . .

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Fly Bastards

I was just doing some research for this paper on discrimination of transgendered people, I was reading the abstract of Walk like a man: Enactments and embodiments of masculinity and the potential for multiple genders by Koenig S . . . in the section of authors key word allong side of drag king, gender perfromance, transgendered etc, was fly bastards!!! I immidiatly copied and pasted that key word into a new search engine . . . saddly that was the only article that sited fly bastards as a keyword!!!
queen of inappropriate comments
I feel so queer and north americian right now . . . I just watched The Lord of the Rings with my roommates and a few other kids, when it got to the scene at the end when Frodo and Sam are in the boat, I wanted to say "kiss kiss" like I did in the theater BUT no I looked around realizing how straight everyone here was and how they would not appricaite the queer interpretation of the film. When the film was over we were fliping the channels and the pope was on tv . . . the group started talking about his health blah blah blah and someone said "he might die before the end of the week" I said "I hope so . ." the room let out a gasp, I was hit "friendly" in the arm and everything was silent for a moment . . .I said something about him being a puppet now anyways and luckily the conversation was switched to the killing of the last pope and the possible mob responsibility. I stayed silent for a while as we were leaving. I wanted to say dude the pope still says that homosexuality is immoral, abnormal and all that jazz. the pope the pope the pope, but I was out numbered by 5 Irish kids, who don't go to church any more, who say they are no longer catholic, but really they are still irish I should have known.

So I come home and play hackie by myself . . .wishing for the first time since I got here that I was not with these people but with my friends.

It just makes me realize how "normal" all these people are, don't get me wrong, they are great-friendly and tons of fun. But they all like the movies you are suppose to like, the bands you are suppose to like,wear the clothes you are suppose to wear, they know everything classic but nothing outside of that. Everything seems so safe and predictable. Ahhh!!! Strange as it sounds I look forward to classes were I get diversity in taste and experience, where people have an option that is not prescribed on MTV.