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Sunday, September 12, 2004

a real dub life

I have been back for just a few days and have settled in nicely. It feels really good to be living in a dub house and not in some posh residence. Now when I go for walks I go the the river or allong the cannal. I live mins away from the dublin food coop, and although it is only open on saturdays, it has the widest range of organic and vegan food around. Dublin has such a warm sence of community, I'm sure I know more people here then toronto, ok thats not true but I am in daily contact with more people here then I would have even seen this summer in Toronto.
I will write more soon, its just at the house that I'm staying in we have dial up internet and have to pay per min. So after tomorrow I will be back on campus with free internet! I will have to write about my adventures as a 'bar maid' and pulling my first guinness. till then