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a new person with each new experience

Saturday, August 30, 2003

I am the queen of losing posts . . . some how I never learn to write them in word first, but I’m not taking a chance with this one . . . WORD it is.

I wrote this incredibly long post about my time at the cottage, queer stories and new thoughts . . . I cannot rewrite so if I get to them I will write it them if not only the lucky ones who talk with me in the next few days will hear the great insights J

I have to say that I got the best package today in the mail. Sal sent me a package that included a sleeping bag I am to return to Marike, a book to return to my cousin, a trosal to return to the community garden (I took it for my Halloween costume, placed it into a planting pot that I then gave to sal and it ended up in NewYork . . .) a old cd player of sals that he is giving me and drum roll the best for last two cds that he made especially for me; a collection of music that can only be fully appreciated by the two of us. The Cd’s are labeled airplane mix 1 and 2 September 2003 Tobie oka is going to Dublin! The have pics of them from his b-day and st. patricks day. The sleeve has a few more pics of us. Each forty songs brought laughter or tears, each of them brought me back to an exact moment that we had together over the past few years. I can’t remember a better present ever.

I just made me realize a few things, first of all the past three years have been the happiest in my life so far. Secondly that sal was the best friend/roommate a girl could ask for. I already missed him, but these cd’s made me tap into how wonderful it all really was. I know more good things are on there way . . .and I look forward to all the new adventures . . .but I will never forget the wonderful times I had with sal and the rest of our friends in the past few years.

I was going to see if sal could come up this week, I was going to see if we could share the cost of him taking the train to TO, but I got an email from him and he is moving to Chicago the day I was going to ask him to come up . . .its really to bad, but I understand his love is in great demand!!