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Saturday, August 02, 2003

I lost a post a few days ago, with my limited access to the internet now a days it was heartbreaking to lose a post, and just like a lost email, I can't rewrite it. lets just say it involved blushing, buddism and a confession on my love for the show "Twice in a Lifetime".

I want to recap a scene from the pool yesterday. There are four guys all in there mid twenties, two of them are volling a ball back and forth and the other two are chatting.
guy 1: I won $4300 on sports line last week
guy 2: oh yeah! what are you going to do with it?
guy 1: well its my moms 50th b-day, so I decided to take the whole family to cuba, $900 each for a week at an all inclusive resort, 5 stars
guy 2: your going to love it, I went to Cuba, when I came back I was like black girls are awesome!
guy 1: So hows Steve doing?
guy 2: We were driving down St. Claire, Steve was yelling out the window, you know at Portigues chicks and shit.
guy 1: same old, same old
they join the other two guys for a game of 2-on-2 vollyball

Monday, July 28, 2003

My mom spent the weekend in Collingwood at an Elvis weekend. The whole town was transformed into a space for elvis impersonators to preform and groupies to continue screaming. The impersonators ranges from GI Elvis, Hawaii Elvis, younge elvis, fat elvis and so on . . . my mom and her friends scored volunteer shirts and where able to see all the events for free. They had a great time, she giggled as she told stories about saying hi to elvis and he said in a way only elvis could "hi darling". They took polaried photos with a younge elvis, and she already put the photo in a frame. She brought me back a treat, a elvis ginger bread cookie, form tim hortons. *ummm elvis is suggery* Ok people are so weird, this elvis weekend happens every year, and people come from miles around to be transported back to a time when rockn' roll was new, dangerous, sexy and exciting.

A few days ago I bought my ticket for Dublin. So it is offical, I'm leaving september eigth.
Wednesday, September 08

Air Canada - Flight 0866
Depart: Lester B. Pearson Intl Arpt Confirmation: KK4SRE
Toronto, ON, Canada Seat: 30A
7:15 PM Class: Economy/Coach
Terminal 1 Mileage: 3553
Arrive: Heathrow Arpt Travel Time: 7.15
London, United Kingdom Stopovers: 0
07:30 AM September 09 Meal:
Terminal 3
Aircraft: BOEING 767
Remarks: Vegetarian Meal Non-Dairy Requested

Thursday, September 09

bmi british midland - Flight 0123
Depart: Heathrow Arpt Confirmation: ZUMWT4
London, United Kingdom Seat: Not Assigned
09:20 AM Class: Economy/Coach
Terminal 1 Mileage: 288
Arrive: Dublin Arpt Travel Time: 1.15
Dublin, Ireland Stopovers: 0
10:35 AM Meal: Breakfast


I have been listening to the CBC radio while I have been posting, they have been talking about Armstrong winning the Tour de France, then they talked about The West Nile virus in the praries, and they said up next is the new addition to the barbie family, a girl name Midge who is pregnant!!! (36-46-36) they asked is the barbie world going modern on us? How is this modern, there is nothing modern about a women having a child. What would be modern if they changed barbies body porportions so she wouldn't fall over and break if she was real. What would be modern if they had queer barbie, how cute would that be :) Walmart was all upset with this pregnant midge, because she was not sold in a family unit. This pregnant barbie has a ring on her finger!! Don't worry family values america, this barbie is married!!