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Sunday, May 09, 2004

What kind of May Day protester are you?
Your motto: "White Overall Movement Building Liberation Through Effective Struggle forever!"

You love sticking two fingers up at authority, and you plump for fun, non-violent tactics such as street parties and fire-breathing to make your point. You are likely to belong to Reclaim the Streets or the Mayday Collective, have not visited a hairdresser in the last five years and sport at least one penny whistle. You will probably end May Day at a friend's squat, regaling your mates with tales of guerrilla gardening.

well there you have it folks, when tobie is procrastinating she goes online and wastes time, today tobie found herself a good quiz. Considering quizes are usually something like are your boobs hot, it was great to find this one. I also did another quiz but it was from a capitalist libertarian quiz, from that it said I was 100% left liberal . . . tales of guerrilla gardening, thats something I would like to get into. could you see it tobie in her stepford wives gardenig costume planting flowers in industrial and corporate parks . . .