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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Direct Action For Grannies

Last night was the opening night for the Irish Social Forum, like a good little activist I was there surrounded by all the other good little activist that I have met. The idea of social forums is really great, it is networking system for anyone who thinks a better world is possible, with the understanding that there isn't just one way to create change. the one common thread between everyone is the against the neo-liberal agenda, basically anti-pritization and anti-war. So the slogans are our world is not for sale, co-operation not compition, and another world is possible. After the talks from a extreamly wide range of locations, people were asking questions one of where is the movement going. Everyone had different ideas for the next step. Paul, the presidnet of UCD student union, said that he thought that there is not one way to do things, that there are enought people to fight in all directions, on the street in the courts in politics, etc. He said that he wants to a movement that gets everyone out there but is accessible to everyone ie direct action for grannies!!!

today is a full day of workshops and tomorrow there is a parade. I don't know yet what will take priority the social forum or homework!! One of the workshops is on the ban coca-cola campaign. I don't know if the news made it to cananda or the states, apparetnly it is on all the indi media site, UCD banned coca-cola from its studnet shops. My whole class went to vote the other day, it was fabulous, 30 equality studies master students take over the polls. Basically the issue with coke was the human right issue of the Columbian Trade Union workers . . . it was beautiful to see democracy in action. Coke had a huge campaign to back lash the vote, they threatened people with job loses and such. In the past coke as sponcered the student shop and renivated it for them. There is all this talk of losing so much money and shops closing down. But I talked to Paul and he said that it was years ago when coke gave them money. And they have enought money to get by with out anyone losing there job or closing the shops. Everything is just coke spreading desent throughout the campus.

UCD gets active!!

. . . and so does tobie . . .

this wednesday is the elections for positions on the student union. I am going for the LGB position . . . so I have to write a speach and decide what I want to do this year. I'm a little nervous about how much work this will entail, but the experince will be deadly. I will get to run a anti-homophobic week and possibly a seperate rainbow week. I will try to get trans included in the LGB lingo and am thinking about a positive space campaign. Its all very exciting.

plus the gender queer group that I was talking about a few weeks ago is having its first meeting this monday :)

and on wednesday I'm doing a talk with the socialist workers student party on the sexist ads on campus adn the use of objectify womens bodies to sell a society.

off to do laundry . . .

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

no milk in your tea?
Oh london *sigh* four days of embraced adventures are already distant memories as my day here seps into chaois, but what wonderful memeories they are. I have to work on getting photos online, so I can share some of these adventures in a visual way. Ok so here is a list of the things I say and did while in london, then on to the stories:

- saw trafalgar square, with the huge canandain consilate building (which starts a theme of canadian references)
- eat at the Sherlock Holmes theme pub
- say londons towers where they would hang . . . well basically everyonew
- stood on the tower bridge and took a pic of DAvid Blaine in his stupid box, with hundreds of people stnading below wathching him, and hundreds more at home wahtchign the 24 hour coverage of nothing
- took pics of londons modern aritechture which seem to all be egg shaped, no more falic symbol aritecture!!
- saw big ben and the parliment buidings- thought they were ugly
- saw buckingham palace, disappointed there was one one guard and no one on each side, also thought it was ugly (to much gold)
- hung out in the green park - walked thought the canandian gates and sat by the newfounland garden
- record shoped in SOHO - realized that I have a catigory for music I like Post-Punk, Electroclash(this one i already knew, but was really excited to feel that I actually belonged in the record shop and I wasn't just following gemma around like a musical loser
- noticed the musicals - Jerry Springer the musical
- Rod Stewart the musical
- Queen the musical
- offened a guy by not wanting milk in my tea 1, 2 3 times
- eat the best vegan chocolate cake (which started the weekend of great vegan food adn treats)
- went to a queer book shop - bought a book which started the weekend of serious spending
- hung out in CAmden town - got my labret peirced
- bought a pocket watch
- bought a beautiful journal
-went to Tate Modern - modern art makes me happy
- hung out in a london pub and watched london play a football game - impressed that they turned london into a three sylambul word to chat Lon-da-en
- Hung out in Hampton Health park - chilled with the canadian geese
- visited my cousin in Richmond
- went to a lesbian coffee shop
-went to a girl bar called candy bar
-went to a boy boy called sanctuary, but it was more like five then sanuary, but these guy with leather pants, red dreads on the top of his head and the rest shaved, a big beard like gotee, tons of piercings, and over all fierce looking was allone on the dance floor dancing to Justin Timberland
-paid for a hostel in the centre of the city, kept my bag there but went home with someone so never slept there
-hung out in Hyde park
-went to Piccadilly circus
-went to Notting hill and the porobello market, could not ditiguish between used clothing and new retro sytle clothing
-saw a few more buildings but the names escape me right now

ok first milk in tea situation

me: oh shit gemma he put milk in my tea without asking
gemma: no worries I'll take it
me: cool, ok one more tea, without milk please
him: *nods*
-he procedes to pour milk in the tea, we both say no milk, he looks confused
him: more milk
us: NO! no milk
him: no milk?
me: yes please
him: *grunts* make me another tea without milk

second encounter

I get handed my tea with a little jug of milk
me:thanks, I don't need the milk
he takes it away, looks confused
him: oh I get it vegan, we have soy milk
me: *smiling* no thanks I don't put anything in me tea but thank you
him: *shrugs*

third encounter

starts of the same as the second one, when I say I don't need the milk he grabs it as if I just offended him in some unspeakable way and walks off

strangest moment

I went home with this hot polish girl on sunday night ( I almost didn't go home with her, but the ani song shy came into my head and I left my fear behind me and went ahead), her apartment was a sign that one cannot afford to live in london, they had a tiny bathroom, the smallest kitchen that fit one chair, a large bed room with three mattresses on the floor (for the three guys who lived there) and her room which could only be accessed by the larger room, therefore stepping over sleepoing guys to get in and out of her room. But the strangest moment was sitting on the one chair in the kitchen watching the girl and one of her roommates chat in polish and make coffee,m I felt like I was sitting watching a forgein film without the subtitles, I don't know what they said, and she never told me, but I think from what I gathered there is drama cuz she had met him on the street earlier in the week, and her let her stay there, cuz she had no where to go. They stayed up all night chatting for the first few nights but he can't believe she is a lesbian, he was sure that they were perfect for each other, and now here I was sitting there in his house and he was shocked upset, disappointed etc. So I sat there invisible as they had a *lovers* quarl about unrequited love in polish.

I forgot my address book so only those people who I have there address memorized got postcards . . . sorry!!