not a pretty girl

a new person with each new experience

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I just had a very strange experience -- I woke up to the phone ringing, the dream I was in the middle of flashed before my eyes before I rolled over and picked up the phone. The dream flash seemed uneventful and unexciting intially. in the glimps of the dream I was in a house that I was comfortable with but I didn't live in, I stepped over this rope that was tied on each side of the room really low to the ground, like that game kids play with skipping ropes, as I stepped over the rope a number flash 830 and then I stepped my foot into a pair of baize shoes that I had never seen before. After the quick flash I aswer the phone and tell the women on the other line that my mom has gone away for the week. As I hang up I notice the time is exactly 8:30, and I'm sleeping in my moms bed (since she is away and it is a king size bed-- which use to be mine), a bed that I'm very comfortable in but its not mine. Then I realize the women on the phone is a friend of my moms that works in a shoe store.

it was as if my dream interpreated the set of events that would take place moment latter,