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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

tales of a weathered traveler

I am yet to blog about Buenos Aires, but I better get started. I have been keeping a journal to help remind me of all the adventures.


we arrived at the airport around eight in the morning and could feel the heat press against our bodies. This time of the year averages about 21-25 degrees but the day we arrived it was already 28. we picked a random hostel, it had internet and massages plus breakfast was included. we later discovered that ment there were two slow computers that tended to be broken and always taken. Massages came once a week free for less then 5 mins then arround 15 euro for an hour and breakfast was less then desierable. The place is clean and is one of those places they plan loads of group activities, if we actually took part I{m sure they would be great but 40 paso to get into a club when wages on the low end range between 300-600 pasos. our language teacher told us that to have an apartment and bills on your own would cost 500 p.

We jumped into our bunk beds briefly then eagerly went exploring. The area we are staying is call san telmo. It was a rich area about 100 years ago and has more recently become an artist and antique area. There is a square that has a few markets and where you can sit and get expensive food and drink, or sit of the steps with the homeless and hippies and drink the litre bottles of beer with a friend.

we spent this first day taking photos of all the graffetti, which I would have to say rocks, the stenciling culture here is amazing. We bought a large crossant with hame and cheese and eat it on the street. We wondered towards the centre of town to plaza mayo where many of the protests take place. There are constant bracades up around the pink house and cops a plenty. We stumbled on to a popular assembaly which excited us to no end, we went in and had split a meal that cost 4 p for meet balls, mash potatoes, veggie soup, juice and dessert. (when I say we and meet it is reddy eating the meat bits unless I say otherwise) We continued walking }, talking photos, wondering about the popular uprising and looking for watches since our phones are useless to us here. We ended our longer journey back at the plaza for a late night dinner in the square and split one of the litre bottles of cerveza. Curling up for a much needed sleep on the top bunk in the 6 person room.


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