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Friday, March 26, 2004

politics, poison and womens officer

so yeah its offical i got the womens officer position. the count for the position took place in the sketchiest place possible; the storage and delivery room of one of the student bars, which reflects the lack of interest in the elections. for the sabat elections there were about 1000 people from arts who voted, for the exective elections there were only just over a thousand in all of UCD. It was only a 5% turn out of the whole college. In comparison to uoft thats not so bad, since there you only get 5% in the sabat elections! the only candidate running againsts me was ron (re open nominations) . . . and the basterd won in science. I suppose when in comes down to it, i didn 't campaign in science at all. I had my posters up in a few places but i don't think anyone was flyering in there. So there you go. i would have been better if i was in town and was able to campaign myself but alas a week argueing and getting sick in ennis for the nation student union congress won that one . . .

but none the less next year i will be the womens officer, my mind is filled with so many ideas, i hope that their is interest in them and that a group of women can come together and work on campaigns together. . .

the reason i was not around for campaigning was I was at USI that is the union of students of ireland . . . they had their standing confrence where colleges around the island come together and debate motions and consitutional changes. so much happened there that I don't feel that i could fully explain it here. but I do have to say that i have gotten over huge amounts of fear when it comes to public speaking. i was able to go up and make agruements that i that were well spoken. What i have come to realize and may have always known is that the feeling of fear may not dissappear that it may not get any better before you go up to speak but once you are up there its ok. I find that I am getting better at talking in front of groups . . . if i could relax a bit more i may even be able to through humour in . . . but right now the way i can get up there is in a more structured manner . . .anyways the point is that i now feel confident and want to try other things that i was scared to try before, such as chairing meetings and so on . . .

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Frida and Ruth are back

Four to five years ago my girlfriend mentioned to me that i had a hair sticking out of my cheek. I was embaressed my the dark 11/2 inch hair that had been growing on my face. The next few years i alway found myself touching that part of my face to see if it was back. I continuouly pulled it out. it always grew back but i could get it right away . . . Over the years i kinda got use to this hair on my cheek. And last year when i got diagnosed with PCOD i had a greater understanding of where it came from . . . I would still pull it out but often after it had already grown the full 11/2 inches (which seems to max lenght for this hair.) It was almost a sence of comfort that the hair would grow . . . This past october I found a hair growing underneath my chin, again it was a really dark hair about 11/2 inches long. instead of embarsement I was happy to find this hair. I examined my face closely and was delighted to find this other hair, the difference was this hair was clear, it was not a white hair but unnoticable except for fealing it. this one was sticking straight out of my forehead.

I decided to name my hairs since it seemed that we would be sticking together for awhile. The first hair, the one I had for year, i named frida. I figured frida was a strong positive women who was proud of her eyebrow uni-brow action. Then the one on my chin i named ruth since my grandmother ruth had a hair on her chin. And the final one i would call casper since it seemed to want to hind like a ghost.

This was when i was in paris . . . then something strange happened. These hairs didn't grow back, even frida. this was connected to a hormonal change in my body. I started getting my period more regularly, I started having emotional mood swings around my period time,the hair on my legs started to thin out. and my newly named hairs didn't grow back.

What can i contribute this hormal changes too . . . living with three women, and james having two women flatmates . . . I suppose since all those women seem to have strict regulated periods.

So a few days a go I noticed that both frida and ruth were back, no sign of casper but he likes to hide anyways. They i was thinking that I didn't get my period last month and this is the time i should be getting it this month and no sign of it coming . . .

so i wonder what is the hormonal change now . . .well i havn't been at james all that much and when i was there his flat mates were not around . . .and two of my flat mates have not been around.

Is my body really that suseptible to the hormones floating in the air around it . . .strange?

but i hope that frida and ruth continue to visit me, i enjoy their company!