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Thursday, July 03, 2003

the good, the bad and the ugly

the good:

I have been biking from Etobicoke to downtown. A few days ago after a great party at cherry beach I biked over to kims and stayed over, the next morning I biked home from Broadview all the way to kipling. Then this morning I biked to work kipling to hart house, it took me 30 mins. My legs are going to be so strong!!!

the bad:

since the job I had set up fell through, I have not been motivated to find a new job, it is so discouraging . . . so here I sit just working 10 hours a week basically unemployed.

the ugly:

the other day I was painting at my old apartment, as I was leaving, my ex-landlady called me over, see said that the garbage I had put out back was a mess and I had to clean it up. I went to the back alley and was completely disgusted. Here is the story, on saturday when I was moving out I took all my garbage, all of sals and all of the other roommates garbage into the back alley. I wanted to clean up so my bro would not have to worry about it. I remembered that my landloard had once said that I could put garbage back there and he would take care of it. So I carried 9 big bags of garbage to the back, saw a pile of other garbage and assumed that was where I should leave it. WELL aparently I had put it in the wrong spot and someone was angry about that. They toar through each and every bag looking for clues to who it belonged to. When they found a letter addressed to me they told the landlady that I had to clean it up. So here I am looking at 9 bags of garbage that are scattered all accross the alley. It was so disgusting and compleatley unnessissary. I'm sure that they were able to find out whoes it was without distroying each bag and leaving me to clean it up. It took a full hour to rebag all of the garbage and put it ten feet over on my ladlords property. I was so angry and felt so dirty . . .it took allot of brain power to place myself in a good mood again.


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