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Friday, July 04, 2003

addition to my cv

My mom is teaching a summer course for brock univeristy for teachers upgrading there skills. the course is on special needs, and today they were talking about learning disablities. WELL she asked if I would be a guest speaker as someone with a learning disablity. Steph says that blogging is cheaper then therapy . . .well try getting paid to talk about your expereinces thats a pretty good deal!! I went through and talked about the problems I encountered throughout elementry school and high school and the stratigies that i used. I talked about the testing and accomidations that I got in university. They were a captivated audience with plenty of questions. It felt really good to talk to these people about it, only in the past few years have I started to tell anyone and at first I felt really insecure--it was like coming out all over again. Now I am completely comfortable talking about my difficulities and stragites that I use. Some one asked me a really good question about how I felt about the workforce. I told them that this is a concern of mine since workplaces are not as supportive as schools but I assured them since I was in the field of equity my places of employment should be more supportive then others. They all laughed :)

I actually wrote a post on this a few weeks ago, the post that was erased. Sal and I had a long chat by the beach about how we were going to contribute to the revolution. We talked about using your strenghts and everyone doing there part. I know that language is not my strength and although I am in school and want to continue working on my writing in the long run it will not be what I'm doing. We talked that day about using your strengths with the perpective of equity. For example working at Rucis camp, an activist camp that sal went to with his free tibet group in highschool. There I could utilize my strengths of athletics and education while maintaining a framework of equity. we say sal working as a teacher, those of you that know him know that he is a fountain of knowledge and a wonderful educator. I say him working at the highschool level and touching many peoples lives both in the class room and in the groups that I'm sure he will be a part of if not start. Part of this idea is realizing that as one person you can't do it all, everyone has their strenghts and weeknesses. It is important to be independent and find stratigies to function dispite your weeknesses but just as important is knowing your strengths and finding like minded people to work with who have complimentary strenghts to your own. That day at the beach we walked away feeling very positive realizing that we are going to do great things in our lives. I will have to remember to look back at that day when I get frustrated :)


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